Lake Vermilion Fishing Guides League


My 12 year old son attended for the first time last year and he had a blast! My son loves fishing and more than anything and used to go with his father all the time. However, in 2017 his father suffered a traumatic brain injury and is now unable to do those things with our son. It is a devastating blow to our family. This event brought out a light in my son that I had not seen in a long time! This event provides fun outdoors and comradeship for boys and girls. Not only do they provide fun, food, entertainment but also leadership. My son loved his boat captain. He didn’t stop talking about him for days. Not only did they provide us with a wonderful supper, each kid was given a new fishing pole and tackle box. I cannot thank those volunteers enough for dedicating there time to our kids! What a wonderful event! – Tammi Caroon Gustafson

“The Lake Vermilion Guides League is a very professional organization and is a pleasure to work with.  We know our guests are getting the best with a Lake Vermilion Guides League member” Lori Peetsch, Ludlows Island Resort

My kiddos have done the Take a Kid Fishing event for the past two years. We have fished with them quite a few but after they participated in this event, their love for fishing really blossomed. They saved up their money to buy a 15hp for our little fishing boat so they can now go out fishing on their own. – Stephanie Pexa Burckhardt

My sons were 14 and 12 last summer and it was our first time attending the event. They love to fish but we don’t own a boat so they don’t get many opportunities to get out fishing. They were so excited the day of the fishing event. I was impressed with how organized everything was. Later in the day when we picked them up we were met with big smiles. They had a blast with their boat captain. Then we all got to enjoy a delicious dinner. It was so well planned out and a lot of fun. To top it all off our boys got new fishing rods and gear, and my older son won a raffle prize which was a lifetime fishing license. He was so happy! They not only had a wonderful and fun day but this program and all the wonderful volunteers helped to instill the love of fishing in our boys This year our daughter is old enough to get to go and she can’t wait. I can’t say enough how wonderful of an event this is. – April Camell

Our kids participated many years and loved it. Thank you to all the volunteers and businesses who make this happen. There are many kids who would never have this opportunity if this event did not occur. A great way to introduce youth to the outdoors – Cindy Palm

“I highly recommend the Guides League members to our guests.  The guides are extremely knowledgeable, reliable and friendly.  I am confident our guests will enjoy their fishing experience on Lake Vermilion when using the Lake Vermilion Guides League” Sally Berquist, Fortune Bay Marina

“From a resorts standpoint, the Lake Vermilion Guides League is an invaluable service that we can provide our guests.  We, as resort owners can either book the guides we need or we can refer interested parties to the Guides League webpage for direct bookings.  There are literally hundreds of years of fishing experience provided with the professionalism and dedication needed to insure our guests have a memorable adventure on Lake Vermilion. While catching fish is always the desired outcome of any resort guided fishing trip, the guides league members impart their own character, experiences and stories that enhance the vacation of our resort guests. They are truly partners with the resorts as an integral part of a visitors Lake Vermilion trip”  Jay Schelde, Owner Pike Bay Lodge

“The Lake Vermillion Guide League is a great organization of really good guides that know Lake Vermillion like the back of their hand. This fishery is scenic and full of huge musky, walleye and smallmouth bass. The Lake Vermillion Guide League really has the pulse of what is happening on this water regardless of species and these guides work together. These guides are a pleasure to fish with, work hard and use really good equipment. Their extensive knowledge and professionalism really helps us get the footage we need and I highly recommend them.”

Note: These are only a few of the stellar comments and testimonials we receive and evidence that we are accomplishing exactly what is needed to introduce these young people to the outdoors and fishing.

The Lake Vermilion Guides League

The Lake Vermilion Guides League (LVGL) was formed in 2006 and was registered with the State of Minnesota as a corporation. In January 2015 the Internal Revenue Service issued a letter designating the LVGL as a tax exempt charitable 501 (c) (3) organization. The LVGL is organized under a set of bylaws, articles of incorporation and a code of ethics. Our mission is: “To foster the development and promotion of fishing and associated activities by providing the means for education, preservation and conservation of those natural resources that are important to fishing and to the enhancement of fellowship and camaraderie among fishermen and women.” Shortly after its formation the VGL recognized that fishing in Minnesota is a core value. The LVGL decided that they could provide an opportunity to expose youth to the outdoor activity of angling as well somehow show our Veterans a new venue of appreciation. The Take a Kid Fishing days summer event has entertained and educated over 1000 youth in its first ten years. At the same time over 600 Veterans have enjoyed a day on the water catching a few fish and sharing stories with comrades. The LVGL has also assisted local schools with an Ice fishing event that has become another enjoyable day.

These events, not only provide wonderful experiences for our youth and veterans but also showcases the beauty of Lake Vermilion. The LVGL also demonstrates how important this resource is to our area and to all of Minnesota by educating event goers about invasive species and the importance of preserving the lake and the resources that abound in Lake Vermilion. These important and fun days are only made possible by the generous donations of both time and money by businesses and individuals. All of these events take many hours of preparation and organization. If you would like to volunteer or make a tax deductible donation to help with these events: You can contact us by mail, email or phone.

Lake Vermilion Guides League
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Thank you and we will “see you on the water”