Lake Vermilion Fishing Guides League


All members of the Lake Vermilion Guides League (LVGL) are independent operators of their businesses. All members operate under different rates. Please contact individual guides for their up to date pricing. Below is the Lake Vermilion Guides League suggested rates that members operate under. 
( Contact information for the members can be found on the Meet the Guides Page )


Lake Vermilion Guides League | Suggested Rate Schedule
Full Day Trip
Approximately 8 hours
1 or 2 people $475 to $600
Additional over 2 $75 to $150
Three Quarter Day Trip
Approximately 6 Hours
1 to 2 people $375 to $500
Additional over 2 $75 to $100
Half Day Trip
Approximately 4 hours
1 or 2 people $300 to $400
Additional over 2 $50 to $75
Follow Boats
Half Day $50 to $100  
Three Quarter Day $75 to $125
Full Day $125 to $150

Reservations are on first come, first served basis. For best dates, please book as early as possible. Deposits and daily rates are at the discretion of the individual guides. Please contact the guides to see their pricing. Click the link below for information on corporate outings. 

Corporate Outings



The Lake Vermilion Guides League

The Lake Vermilion Guides League (LVGL) was formed in 2006 and was registered with the State of Minnesota as a corporation. In January 2015 the Internal Revenue Service issued a letter designating the LVGL as a tax exempt charitable 501 (c) (3) organization. The LVGL is organized under a set of bylaws, articles of incorporation and a code of ethics. Our mission is: “To foster the development and promotion of fishing and associated activities by providing the means for education, preservation and conservation of those natural resources that are important to fishing and to the enhancement of fellowship and camaraderie among fishermen and women.” Shortly after its formation the VGL recognized that fishing in Minnesota is a core value. The LVGL decided that they could provide an opportunity to expose youth to the outdoor activity of angling as well somehow show our Veterans a new venue of appreciation. The Take a Kid Fishing days summer event has entertained and educated over 1000 youth in its first ten years. At the same time over 600 Veterans have enjoyed a day on the water catching a few fish and sharing stories with comrades. The LVGL has also assisted local schools with an Ice fishing event that has become another enjoyable day.

These events, not only provide wonderful experiences for our youth and veterans but also showcases the beauty of Lake Vermilion. The LVGL also demonstrates how important this resource is to our area and to all of Minnesota by educating event goers about invasive species and the importance of preserving the lake and the resources that abound in Lake Vermilion. These important and fun days are only made possible by the generous donations of both time and money by businesses and individuals. All of these events take many hours of preparation and organization. If you would like to volunteer or make a tax deductible donation to help with these events: You can contact us by mail, email or phone.

Lake Vermilion Guides League
PO Box 748
Tower, MN 55790
Phone: 218-780-3385
Thank you and we will “see you on the water”